A Letter to My Bestfriend

Bok, you know that you're the only guy in my life who has never made me cry, right?

Except today.

This morning, I texted to ask if you were feeling better already so we can meet and you can play with your god daughter.

You always reply fast. You're that person in my life who I can call any time (and I mean, anytime) and you never failed to take my call.

Except today.

I remember 14 years ago, our English blockmates including our professor would tease us "Kristine and Echo." I was sure as hell I didn't look anywhere close to Kristine Hermosa but you do look like Jericho Rosales.

There was that day in our lives when we admitted we had a crush on each other and it was the funniest thing ever because it was through a letter! Who does that? So old school! Anyway, our friendship really blossomed. We started calling each other "Bok" and you told me it meant, "kaibigan / kakampi / kasangga."

True enough, you were all those and more. Those who tried to date me or you knew we were a package deal. As you said "You want this piece of fabulousness? Well, my best friend comes along with it." Big thanks to you, I married the right one - the only guy you every liked for me.

Even though we didn't see each other that often, you were the first to know about everything there was to know in my life, and I'm glad you offered the same amount of trust in me. I remember that day when you were rushing for us to meet -- hours before I left for London. You said you were going to tell me something very important. I was so happy to be the first to hear your "big news". It meant a lot to me. Crying happy tears at Recipe's was quite embarrassing, but I didn't mind because I was crying with my best friend. As I've said a thousand times, I accept and love you for you.

You were my defender from heart aches and trials. My confidant and my movie buddy for any John Lloyd and Bea film. You were one of the few people who knew I'm a Sharonian and thanks for that day you spent with me watching Bituwing Walang Ningning, Sana'y Wala ng Wakas, Captain Barbel (with Sharon as Darna), and Kung Ako Na Lang Sana. I remember we made a promise after watching the last movie that we'll just be like Emmy and Enteng -- in case we're not yet married by 40, we'll just stay with each other. What are best friends for, right?

I chose you as Kara's godfather and you knew that meant a lot to me. You were a great example and everyone can attest how good a person you were. You were always ready to help, even when it's not asked from you. You have taught me Calculus back in college and even though I didn't really learn (because I kind of hate that subject), I appreciated how much effort you spent in exchange for Siomai at Caf-up and lunch at Manang's.

You told me you will never make me cry, and yet today I haven't stopped crying because of you...

Why didn't you call me, Bok? I would have rushed to your side.

Why, Bok? Why did you leave us so soon? We were supposed to meet because our catch-up is long overdue and you were supposed to play with your god daughter.

I am heart-broken. I just can't believe you're gone.

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