All You Need to Know about Baby-Led Weaning

Starting to feed solids to your baby can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress! You want to feed your baby safely, and without headaches. But it can be stressful to wade through the advice of others, of what works and what doesn't.

I’m a strong believer that you should do what works for you in parenting. In my case, we started giving pureed food when Kara turned 6 months. And then, when I felt that she can manage to eat chunkier food, that's when we tried Baby-Led Weaning. So, what is Baby Led Weaning? I first heard about this from a former colleague whose wife is a breastfeeding consultant. Basically, it's ‘baby-led’ because you let them do what they need to do while they’re learning, and as the parent you resist the urge to get wound up in knots about how much they’re eating. Babies and children are born to be in tune with their hunger and fullness cues. It’s important for parents to respect this innate knowledge, because these signals can be lost if they’re interfered with. This contributes to overeating in adulthood. Allowing children to keep control over how much they eat lets them regulate the amount of food that is right for them, not just today, but throughout their lifetime.

What are the Benefits of BLW?