Basic Tips on Budget Allocation

Truth be told, this rule I'm sharing with you is pretty solid and all but remember, PERSONAL FINANCE management is... PERSONAL.

This is a good starting point, but to really stay on top of your finances (& make sure you don't mess up your future or that of your children), research and planning is NECESSARY. ⠀

What is considered a need by some, may just be a want by others. But, the most important thing is - whatever your income is - make sure you follow a budget. It helps you tell where your money goes instead of wondering where it went. ⠀

Let me also ask you this question: How many years do we spend learning how to earn a living? How come we don't also spend time to learn what to do with our earnings?

I had a meeting with BSP and was browsing through the past studies they've done. It's just really alarming to see the % of Filipinos, who don't have formal savings accounts or prepare for their immediate and future needs, and the % of businesses who still do bulk of their transactions in cash (versus electronic means). For example, only 18% of us have insurance or investments.

Countries like US, China, Japan, UK and France have more than 90% of their population insured (for both life and non-life). Countries like Australia & Canada have 100% of their population with health insurance coverage (I swear, lakas maka-third world vibes ng data. I hope in my lifetime, there will be a drastic change to this).

What's the cause of the gap? Perhaps, it's the way we think about money and budgeting. It doesn't matter what income bracket you're in; it matters how you manage your money and where you put it. Grabe lang yung 86% walang bank account! sa aparador ba nakalagay ang pera? Tapos, majority of Filipinos - ang asset ay kotse or motorcycle. Hindi po asset ang sasakyan - unless that produces income, that's a LIABILITY. Real estate, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Insurance - these are REAL ASSETS. They augment or replace income.

TIME FOR A WAKE-UP CALL, especially for those with families.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your finances and start preparing, my A-TEAM can help.

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