Essential Oils On-the-Go with Nu Skin Mini-Mist Diffuser

I travel A LOT for work and business and I always look for products which are extremely convenient to use while on the go, not just for me but for the whole family. When I was invited as the key note speaker of Nu Skin last August 12th, I discovered their Mini-Mist Diffuser.

The Mini Mist’s ultrasonic technology vibrates to vaporize water and essential oil into a fine mist. The mist and natural aroma will surely grab the attention of curious people around you. This convenient and easy-to-use personal diffuser is a great way to share essential oils with others.

We use essential oils at home and I always talk about how our toddler, Kara has been sleeping better since I've been diffusing Lavender (10-12 hours straight at night). Whenever someone at home has cough and colds, I also diffuse Eucalyptus and it seriously aids with decongestion. At work, I usually take a whiff on the Peppermint whenever I have a headache or just to keep me alert.

I also prepared a recipe for an all-purpose cleaner using essential oils (Lemon and Tea Tree, proven to kill some types of bacteria). I taught our assistant at home to prepare this because I don't like using chemicals, especially with Kara around.

So, just imagine how big my smile was when they handed me the Mini-Mist Diffuser with the Epoch Essential Oils set after I was done with my talk - my husband said I looked like I won the lottery. I feel that way every time I find something "cool".

These were the 8 Essential Oils that came with the Kit (see descriptions and how to use here). I also use this with our diffuser at home.

I've had the Nu Skin Mini Mist Diffuser in my bag ever since. In times when I feel sleepy while driving, I just diffuse Peppermint or Burst in the car. I finally got to share this with my colleagues too (and they were so impressed because one tiny gadget improves the mood and the smell at work - especially when some people go on "yosi breaks"). This also works great during vacations or trips because Kara doesn't have a hard time adjusting to a different "environment"; I diffuse Lavender or Unwind and it helps her relax (remember the cardinal rule when travelling with a baby or toddler - ALWAYS CREATE A HOME AWAY FROM HOME).

The best part with the Mini-Mist Diffuser is the ease-of use. Just install 4 AAA Batteries then do the following:

  • Mix one drop of your favorite Epoch essential oil with 50ml of distilled water in the bottle provided and fill the reservoir (IMPORTANT NOTE: Citrus essential oils may breakdown sensitive diffuser components. Do not use Epoch Lemon Essential Oil in the Mini Mist Diff user. Do not drop oil directly into the reservoir).

  • • Slide the front panel of the diffuser down and enjoy.

Check this video I posted in Instagram:

There you go. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry or find it useful. If you want to learn more about essential oils, there are loads and loads of workshops now - from aromatherapy to cooking with EO's!

P.S, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint are also natural mosquito repellents. Lavender can also be applied to sooth bug bites :)

To learn more about Nu Skin Philippines, visit their Facebook Page and their website.

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