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Even before I've completed my training as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I've been sharing my learnings on how we raise responsible, respectful, confident and most importantly, happy children!

My question now to you is... Are You ALSO Tired of Threats, Bribes, and Lectures?

Do you find yourself doing a lot of talking and feel your children aren't listening, continuing to deal with the same misbehavior over and over, have concern that your children are out of control, or feel that parenting is too much work?

Then, it's time to put an effective, practical parenting approach to work in your family.


You can stop yelling, bribing, spanking and grounding. End the power struggles with your children improve the relationship you have with your children.

We definitely enjoyed the very first workshop for the year. Here's what some parents had to say:

Mom of a 2 Year Old

"I am benefiting tremendously from being in your course and will enthusiastically encourage many friends to join in the next series. It is one of the best uses of my time. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to rethink my decisions and make sure they are in line with the values I wish to impart to my child."


Couple who Attended with a 6 Year Old

"Thank you for such a wonderful and life-altering class. My husband and I both feel we have learned a lot. (He always asks for another look at the workbook) I could go on and on about the things I learned, but to highlight a few:

I didn’t know if I was being too permissive or if I should be stricter and more demanding (which never worked). I now have the confidence to say that “we are working on this and the other issues", and of course not giving orders was a major lesson."


Mom of a 4 Year Old

"It was very insightful, fun, and very interactive. I love that everyone was given a chance to participate and voice out their experience/concern about parenting, without being judged. 😀"


To give you a glimpse of what Positive Discipline is all About --

Here is a FREE Toolkit which serves as an Introduction:


The next workshop is going to be done ONLINE (powered by ZOOM Video Conferencing) and happening this weekend. I hope more parents will join the workshops and help spread this advocacy to end the vicious cycle of Shame, Blame and Pain as form of Discipline here in the Philippines.


Mommy K