How Can I help my "Dethroned Child" Adjust?

Oh it's hard to be number one. 

And lately it's just no fun at all.

Life was so nice when we were three, 

Mommy and Daddy and Me.

And now there's another. 

And I don't like it one bit. 

Send it back to the hospital 

And let's just forget about it.

On this episode, we share our experiences about the Dethroned Child and mentioned tips on how we can help the eldest child transition to this "new normal". It is crucial to educate yourself about your children’s potential birth order issues. If you take steps based upon this knowledge early on, you can help each child to feel secure, behave better and diminish sibling rivalry in the family. Keep in mind that it is never too late to start these discussions with your children and everyone involved in raising them. You will need to address these issues on an on-going basis as your children grow. I invited my husband as my guest, and there were a lot of laughs in our short discussion. Listen in and feel free to send your questions or comments :)