I said no to Tiktok, But yes to a Podcast

Just a couple of months ago, my husband and I were discussing about how talkative our eldest is and he said, it's genetic. LOL

He was telling me that since I love talking and listening to podcasts, that maybe I should have my own.

How fun would that be? We love listening to our favorite podcasts while we’re driving, while we’re working out, while we’re trying to avoid working out… you get the idea. And well, the planets aligned and indeed, I finally found time to tinker with Podcaster tools and finally record my very first episode!

I will keep episodes short (15 minutes or less) and will be inviting guests including Montessori educators here and abroad, as well as other parents including my husband (to discuss what it's like growing up as a #MontessoriKid and being a parent of 2!)

I will also be guesting child experts including those in the medical field too.

You can subscribe to listen to our stories, and chime in discussions with other parents and receive compassionate support from those who are also committed to raising their kids in healthy, positive ways.

It’s super easy to subscribe to the podcast feed on your mobile or ANY device. And even better, it’s totally free!

You can go to my Podcast Page here in my blog: https://www.theprojectmommyger.net/podcast

OR follow me on SPOTIFY,

OR, go to my Podcast Player.


Next one is entitled "THE DETHRONED CHILD" (you can guess what our discussion will focus on and who my Special Guest will be).

And by the way, some episodes will be in FILIPINO <3

We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve got a topic idea, a question, a comment, a good joke (we’re kind of over our kids’ three knock-knock jokes) or if want to do some collabs, email me at Karen@theprojectmommyger.net. And of course you can find me on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #TheProjectMommyger.

Happy Listening!


Mommy K