Mommily PH - Sanity Saver for Parents: A Mobile App Review

No doubt – being a parent is difficult. But, with the advent of glorious technology, it has become more manageable. I actually have a Mobile app (MamaBaby) which tracks every nursing/feeding session, diaper change & dosage instructions. It seriously helped me maintain my sanity during the fledgling months of motherhood (when I didn’t sleep at all).

Now, there is a new app which I know for a fact is the first of its kind GLOBALLY (I live and breathe digital marketing.. I kind of deal with developers on a daily basis). Imagine my excitement upon hearing about Mommily PH.

Quoting the Website:

Mommily is an app that encourages all parents, especially moms to bond with their kids even outside the home by being smart, user-friendly, and giving them the information they need about mom and baby facilities to help them have a stress-free day out with their kids.

Basically, Mommily is a Location Awareness Application: it works as an excellent companion for parents exploring the urban jungle. The app comes with details that tracks the exact location and points of interest for parents.

In a way, it’s also similar to Pokemon Go (remember that augmented reality game that everyone got addicted to?) As parents explore and discover places (like breastfeeding stations, parks, etc), they can “pin” it in the map. This will then encourage other parents to explore and pin more family-friendly spots (in the game, this is what you call the PokeStop).

These are my top favorites (based on our current needs – I have a 19 month old daughter):

Baby Changing Stations: This finds the nearest places to tinkle and change diapers, so when someone has to go, you can get there as quickly as possible (this is great especially when you start with potty-training).

Baby Needs Stores: You can see the nearest kid-friendly stores where you can shop. You can also access ratings and reviews through the app ahead of time or on the fly.

Breastfeeding Stations: It automatically locates nursing rooms or nursing-friendly spaces and lets a community of users describe and rate those spaces, so you can pump or nurse in comfort.

Playgrounds and Parks: When you're running out of ideas to burn off the extra energy of your toddler, why not bring him or her to a nearby playscape? Users can also add new spots to the map if they spot an unlisted playground or park.

This app doesn’t need a user manual as it is fairly easy for first-timers to figure out what to do with it. The app’s UI (user interface) also makes the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. I also love the colors and the logo (it has a strong brand recall).

A point for improvement will be the Events Section – it would be great if there is an alert whenever there’s an event nearby (and information on how to register).

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the development of this mobile app. It doesn’t just help provide you relevant information but also encourages you to help other parents. As the cliché goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

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