Mommily PH - Sanity Saver for Parents: A Mobile App Review

No doubt – being a parent is difficult. But, with the advent of glorious technology, it has become more manageable. I actually have a Mobile app (MamaBaby) which tracks every nursing/feeding session, diaper change & dosage instructions. It seriously helped me maintain my sanity during the fledgling months of motherhood (when I didn’t sleep at all).

Now, there is a new app which I know for a fact is the first of its kind GLOBALLY (I live and breathe digital marketing.. I kind of deal with developers on a daily basis). Imagine my excitement upon hearing about Mommily PH.

Quoting the Website:

Mommily is an app that encourages all parents, especially moms to bond with their kids even outside the home by being smart, user-friendly, and giving them the information they need about mom and baby facilities to help them have a stress-free day out with their kids.

Basically, Mommily is a Location Awareness Application: it works as an excellent companion for parents exploring the urban jungle. The app comes with details that tracks the exact location and points of interest for parents.</