Setting Up A Montessori Baby Room

Updated: May 27, 2019

Creating a prepared environment at home is really easy and doesn't have to be a big expense. It's even much cheaper than building the conventional "nursery."

BUT... Before even planning for the things you need to set-up a Montessori Baby room, please remember the basic needs of a baby: the warmth and closeness of parents are, during the first few months, far more important than any material thing you could buy.

Based from what I've learned over the years, the Montessori parenting style and philosophy is all about following your child - learning has to be individualized and aligned to your child's current interests and abilities. They will be interested to learn if it's something interesting to them. It is also about respecting the child and not forcing them to do things for your convenience (for example - the CIO method which forces a child to sleep by letting him cry it out till he passes out) or because we want them to advance (such as rushing them to hit certain milestones... they will walk when they are ready, all they nee