Surviving Life without a Maid

It's been almost 2 weeks from the day our housekeeper who has been with us for 2 years, decided to go AWOL.

I have a 3 year old and a newborn who started to refuse drinking breast milk from the bottle at the same time the maid left. Yaya Kim also cannot handle both kids in case I need to go out for a couple of hours to attend meetings or do my talks (current solution is to bring them all with me whenever I can or my husband works from home).

I'm not saying my kids are hard to handle, it's just that in case of emergency - I prefer another responsible adult around. My husband and I also work on a late shift, I'm just "lucky" because I'm a techpreneur so I can work from home. But, it's been really tough, given that none of us cook and my baby boy just really won't take the bottle at the moment.

So far, these have been my life hacks to "survive"..

I split some of the household chores with the husband (less sleep for the 2 of us). I assign tasks via Wunderlist so we don't forget when to do what.

I take care of the kids with Kim's help (she is there to help, not to be the primary caregiver after all). Kara's school starts in August so I'll also be her driver.

Kim also does the rest of the household chores, like cleaning the bathroom and the rooms, sorting the clothes with Kara's help, and washing the dishes too. She asked me to switch to Joy Dishwashing Liquid because it removes the grease faster and she doesn't need a lot of it to clean a load of dishes (true to its very memorable slogan "isang patak, kaya ang sangkatutak!")

I even heard recently that it cleaned 17,500 plates with just one bottle! link here: "JOY #BESTEVERLIFE SALU-SALO CELEBRATES THE NEW BEST EVER JOY WASHING 17,500 PLATES WITH JUST ONE BOTTLE IN SAN JUANICO BRIDGE"

Anyway, it saves time which is what we need now because I need Kim to alternate with me to watch over the kids so I can work (and I've got a lot of work to do!).

I hope we find a housekeeper soon, and more importantly, that Andi would take the bottle already!

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