The Prepared Adult: Presenting Activities the Montessori Way

In a Montessori environment, children learn by exploring and manipulating specially designed materials. Each material teaches one concept or skill at a time, and lays a foundation from which children can comprehend increasingly complex and/or abstract ideas.

Children work with materials at their own pace, repeating an exercise until it is mastered. The parent may gently guide the process, but his/her goal is to inspire rather than instruct.

Throughout your home, you can set-up a prepared, inviting environment containing a sequential array of lessons to be learned. As children work through the sequence, they build and expand on materials and lessons already mastered. And all the while they are developing qualities with which they’ll approach every future challenge: autonomy, creative thinking, and satisfaction in a job well done.

Let me emphasize 3 Things: The Role of the Adult, The Need for Demonstration, and The Sequence in which activities are presented.

Part I: The Role of the Adult