The Proper Way to Select Toddler Shoes: A Freycoo Review

Let me tell you a secret. After years and years of wearing high heels, specifically my favorite pair of Louboutins (being in the corporate world and all), I can barely move the last 2 toes on my right foot. I blame myself for listening to Manolo Blahnik - the greatest shoemaker in England - who said that wearing high heels transforms a woman (into something better and greater).

This is why I am now very careful when it comes to Kara's footwear. I even saw a podiatrist and asked Kara's pediatrician about the proper way to select shoes for babies and toddlers.


Absolutely NOT. Shoes are unnecessary until they are pulling up, standing, and walking. Wearing shoes early can actually do more harm than good, especially the ones that bind the feet or are too stiff.

And when at home, baby shouldn't wear shoes at all. When they begin pulling up, standing, and walking, they need to be able to feel the ground beneath their feet. Socks with grippers are advisable especially for those who have started walking before 1 year old.