They've Got it All For You: SM Aura's Family Room

Why should mothers be punished for doing what is best for their children?

It is such a shame that laws need to be implemented in order for mothers to breastfeed in public or have areas at work where they can express milk when needed.

One time, I got so upset while we were dining at Jade Garden Restaurant because one of their staff told me to nurse in the CR - WOULD YOU EAT IN THE CR? It's the most unhygienic place ever! (By the way, we never ate their again). 

It's also a sad reality to not have a lot of places here in Manila and abroad to nurse your baby or express milk. Whenever I travel, that's the first thing I check at the airport and at the places we'll visit - is there a baby care station or a mother's room?

Anyway, I was very happy to discover that SM Aura has a Family Room. I absolutely love that they call it that way and not just a nursing room or a breastfeeding station.

Inside, you can find changing stations that are separate from the nursing areas. The mode of separation is a door with lock ensuring complete privacy (maximum of 2 breastfeeding moms in the room - there are no curtains that separate you which is something they can easily improve later on). There's also a waiting area for companions. The place is in fact, very clean, spacious, and with adequate amenities.

Given the case, my family prefers to come here rather than other malls or establishments as this promotes shared parenting (i.e. the father is also very involved - my hubby takes care of diaper changes among other things). Plus, SM Aura has so many restaurants and the way they organized the stores is by product category which is convenient if you want to compare stuff easily.

I hope, they also build family rooms with breastfeeding stations at other establishments. And in general, support mothers who breastfeed in public - DON'T ASK THEM TO DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Being able to breastfeed outside the home has plenty of advantages 1.) You don't need to wash any bottles and carry so much stuff in your diaper bag 2.) your milk is always the right temperature 3.) and of course, it's always available.

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