Tips on Having a Jolly Party with your Toddler at Jollibee

Planning what to do for a toddler's birthday party is no easy feat. Based from experience of attending several kiddie parties, the following must be taken into consideration:

  • The Time: The party must not be longer than 2 hours and it shouldn't be during your child's nap time. You don't want a cranky and whiny celebrant.

  • The Venue: It should be spacious and accessible for guests, especially for those with young children.

  • The Activities: This should be appropriate to the age groups attending the party. Better yet, this should focus on what your child really likes. Don't choose a theme based on what you want; choose it based on your child's interests.

  • The Food: Again, this will depend on your guests. It is important to have a sit-down party especially if there are plenty of children in attendance. Having a buffet is a big no-no.

  • The Giveaways / Goody bags: I highly suggest that loot bags for the kids contain useful materials; not sweets or candies. This is just my 2 cents because we don't promote consumption of refined sugar. It would be great to give away coloring materials or other items which they can use later on (and not just meant for display).

Given all these considerations, we decided to throw Kara a Jollibee Party. She lo