Top Oryspa Rice Bran Products for Mommies, Daddies and Kids

When I was still pregnant with Kara, my OB advised me to be careful not just with what I eat and do, but also with the make-up and skin care products I'm using. Dra. Limson advised that it doesn’t have to be completely organic, but there are some ingredients pregnant women have to steer clear of because these can lead to potential birth defects during the early stages (see complete list here). Dra. Limson also mentioned to avoid the same list of chemicals while breastfeeding as some chemicals from skin-care products seep into the bloodstream and, in extreme cases, can cause allergies, and affect breast milk.

That made me give away make-up and skin care products worth thousands of pesos (after reading the ingredients list at the back... you'll be surprised how many make-up brands have all of these no-no's).