Why Join Mom Meet-Ups: Launch of the Mommy Matters

Are you a Mom who is...

Stressed out and spread thin

Constantly juggling several responsibilities

Desiring connections with other moms who are in "your shoes"

Ready to dig deeper in this wonderful role of parenting

If you answered YES to ALL, then Hooray! We're the same!  

This is one of the biggest realizations I had when I became a mom --- I really wanted to meet more parents who can seriously understand the hardest parts of the "job" and the best moments in it. I also wanted to connect with moms who share the same interests. 

Moreover, as much as I love connecting with everyone on Social Media and via my blog, I wanted to get to know people better and I wanted to bring my toddler with me so she can play with other kids.

The original plan was to have it in a coffee shop of some sort but I realized it would be quite a challenge as moms will be bringing kids. I wanted Kara and the other children to have a safe and secure space for them to play while us moms socialize and learn. 

Hence, from a simple gathering in a coffee shop, we ended up having generous sponsors (Sun Life PH being one of them) for the meet-up and we were able to discuss topics covering Financial Planning led by Sun Life multi-awarded Financial Advisor - Tey Agaran - to Baby Led Weaning! 

We also loved the meals sponsored by The Party Kitchen PH and Bento Baby PH. We order from The Party Kitchen monthly and I was so happy to hear EVERYONE, including the kids rave about the food!!! Kara couldn't even wait for me to cut the Chap Chae Noodles so she just scooped it with her hand and ate it (she knows how good it is). It was my first time to try the Chicken Satay and my, definitely getting this next time we have a gathering at home.

The Ggumbi Bumper Bed and Floor Mat from Baby Universe PH was also a hit especially for the kids who were just starting to become mobile. You're not paranoid that they'll hurt themselves. I'm telling you - don't waste money on cribs, they're not safe and they're so pricey. This one you can use for years! Parents also brought some toys to play with and I noticed the kids particularly like the wooden toys (Jenga and other stackers) hihi -toys that foster open-ended play are the best! 

For kiddie celebrations, the Bento Baby PH meals are excellent! They were beautifully made and very delicious as evidenced by the photos. 

The event was made more fun thanks to all the generous sponsors. Moms went home with their beautiful eco-bags from Good Bag PH filled with Loots and Prizes from our favorite brands, Tiny Buds Baby, Dentiste Philippines, Nappy Pillows PH, Control Freak, Organic Wipes from Happy Dragon PH, Bento Baby PH, Sun Life PH, and UV Care. 

Anyway, I decided to do another Mommy Matters Meet-up and this time to discuss about something close to my heart -- the Montessori Method. 

Montessori Method is a way of life -- it is a method of teaching that cultivates in each child a love for learning and gives them the confidence to tackle any challenge that they are faced with. Discussion will be lead by none other than the Founding Director of Abba's Orchard, Mr. Christopher Barrameda.

I had to set up a December session because the 40 slots got filled in just 5 minutes (and I'm not even exaggerating). I am so glad that more and more parents want to learn more about this philosophy and how they can integrate it into their homes. 

Adrian, Kara and I are very excited to see the parents in the next meet-ups! I hope you were able to gain new friends and learn more about all the joy of parenting through these gatherings like I did :) 

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