Why Positive Discipline?

FACT: Parenting is the most wonderful and yet difficult job anyone can do.

One can get very discouraged. I know I have! But learning about Positive Discipline and Montessori has bore fruit to many good ideas and perspectives that I’ve put into practice.

3 year Kara, and 5 month old Andi are so sweet to each other!

It doesn't make parenting "easier", but it helps me become a better person and a more loving, and responsible parent so that I can build a life long positive relationship with my children and give them the life skills to be a thriving and responsible adult.

Even before I've completed my training as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I've been sharing my learnings on how to raise responsible, respectful, confident and most importantly, happy children!

My question now to you is...

Are You ALSO Tired of Threats, Bribes, and Lectures?

Do you find yourself doing a lot of talking and feel your children aren't listening, continue to deal with the same misbehavior over and over, have concern that your children are out of control, feel that parenting is too much work?

Then, it's time to put an effective, practical parenting approach to work in your family.


Beginning October 2019, I will be conducting INTERACTIVE workshops on Positive Discipline.

YOU will definitely want to be a part of this fun and informative half-day workshop.

This experiential learning session will help you show up as the parent you want to be, and create a home where respectful cooperation is the norm. You’ll get tangible, practical tools and techniques that are easy to implement and work right away.

  • Simple, tangible, and effective Positive Discipline tools & techniques to reduce defiance, tantrums, back talk and other challenging behaviors.

  • How to leverage your family team (including your partner) in household responsibilities.

  • How to help your kids to become responsible, respectful, resourceful, and happy adults.

  • Get to practice what you've learned during Parents Helping Parents Segments.

  • Class Fee includes Positive Discipline Workbook with Practice Assignments (worth $15), Positive Discipline Tool cards worth $16 (downloadable version), and of course, SNACKS!

There will also be Online Workshops for those who are not in Manila or would like to attend the sessions wherever they are in the world. You can visit the POSITIVE DISCIPLINE Tab in my website to learn more.

Here's the link to register to the ONSITE workshop this October: http://bit.ly/PositiveDisciplineWorks

As this is a very interactive session, the slots are limited.

Hope to see you there!

You can stop yelling, bribing, spanking and grounding. End the power struggles with your children improve the relationship you have with your children.


Mommy K


Here is a FREE Toolkit which serves as an Introduction to Positive Discipline: