Why Switch to Organic & Natural Beauty & Skin Care Products

As a public speaker, I try to look decent and all before I go up the stage and talk in front of thousands of people.

I get my hair and make-up done almost four times a month, depending on the number of events I have to do. But when I got pregnant with Kara, I became very cautious of what I use on my skin. I started researching about the ingredients or products that shouldn't be used by pregnant women.

I also read this book entitled "Organic Beauty" and found out that 60% of the products we use on our skin are absorbed and deposited into our circulatory system.

Of course, one book isn't enough to convince me so I consulted with doctors as well about the stuff to avoid. Plus, not everything marked "organic" or "natural" is safe for pregnant women.

Anyway, having learned what is considered safe and what isn't, I looked at my make-up collection and wanted to cry because ALL OF THEM contained one or more of the products that are toxic to us (pregnant or not).